Meadowdale Sofia

2016 04 27 - 1

Health Testing

DNA Clear - PRA

DNA Clear - EIC

DNA Clear - CNM

DNA Carrier - SD2

Hip Scored - 4-2=6

Elbow Scored - 0

Eye tested - Clear as at 2.3.2019

This is 'Sofia', our lovely black Labrador Retriever

Her dad is - Field Trial Champion Ellijas Danny, his pet name is 'Will'. He is a superb dog who has won so much in the field trials.
In 2013 he won the very prestigious 'Championships'

Her mum is our lovely 'Meadowdale Brook'. She can be seen by clicking on the link below the pedigree at the bottom of this page.

Sofia is a gentle natured bitch, but who is keen to please.

She loves working and retrieving all types of game

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Pedigree of: Meadowdale Sofia