Sh Ch Meadowdale Riot is Madaza

rye standing 2

Rye becomes a Show Champion at Southern Counties 2016

Sh Ch Meadowdale Riot is Madaza, or better know as 'Rye' has delighted us as breeders and owner Sue by becoming a Show Champion.

Rye is litter brother to our Show Champion Meadowdale Chaos JW ShCM

To date Rye has won 4 CC's and 2 RCC's

Just to make his 'crowning' day more special Rye also wins 'Best of Breed' and gets shortlisted in the gundog group

Pedigree of: Sh Ch Meadowdale Riot is Madaza

Sh Ch Mompesson Royal Destiny
Meadowdale Gin Sling
Sh Ch Mompesson Blinking Hell
Sh Ch Trimere Time To Remember From Mompesson
Sh Ch & Ir Sh Ch Trinitas Newky Brown Of Meadowdale JW ShCM
Calvdale Juris Prudence Of Meadowdale
Mompesson Flash Back From Amichien
Sh Ch Mompesson Cher Delight
Clanach Crown Destiny (Imp)
Sh Ch Mompesson Memory Lane
Sh Ch Meadowdale Budweiser JW ShCM
Stowequest Annies Song
Sh Ch Calvdale Softly Softly JW
Sh Ch Calvdale Trial By Jury JW
Clanach Crown Destiny
Mompesson Rememberance
Mompesson Dream Chaser
Gleadsbury Just So Of Mompesson
Aust Ch Clanach Union Jack
Aust Ch Clanach Crown Sceptre
Mompesson Dream Chaser
Ch Mompesson Remember Me
Sh Ch Calvdale Crimewatch Sh Ch Calvdale Crimewatch
Calvdale Guilty as Charged of Meadowdale
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