Buddy is a pin up star!

There is a calender for the English Springer Spaniel 2009, in 'Pets at Home'. It is one where all the dogs are on a white background.

Buddy has a feature page in this calender - if you see it you will know it straight away, he is lying down looking like a muppet! The photo is also on his page

Health News

We are delighted to have received back the Hip Scores for our Springers:

Buddy - 2-2 = 4,  Harvey - 3-3 = 6, Fay - 6-4 = 10, Rosie - 4-3 = 7

Midland ESS Championship Show

On 2nd November 2008

I travelled to Doncaster with Harvey, Flora, Fay and my friend Maggie who owns 'Polly' Meadowdale venus at Cassapple to show under a breed specialist Mrs Kelly Jenkinson (Eastriding)

A rather unusual start to the day, as we arrived to find a boot fair in full swing in the hall we were supposed to have the show in! After a couple of hours they packed up and we could clear the hall ready for the show.

But we had a wonderful day. Harvey won his Junior Dog Class, Polly was well placed in Junior bitch and Graduate. Flora who is not looking her best at the moment due to being shaved following the tests for her illness did not get placed, but showed well.

Fay was the star of the day winning the Open Bitch class, in very strong competition as there were 6 Champion bitches in the class. Delighting us by winning the BCC and then 'Reserve Best In Show' - what a wonderful day


Northern ESS - Open Show

the Northern ESS Society held its open show on 5th October 2008, which I was honoured to be asked to judge.

We had a glorious day, the sun shone all day allowing all judging to be done outside.

I had some lovely dogs to judge and was most pleased with my final line ups for both the dogs and bitches.

BIS - Ray Smiths - Melverly Sublimity
RBIS - John & Linda Lillies - Freeway Stormy Waters

Click here for photos of the day

Darlington Championship Show - 14th September 2008

On arriving at Darlington Championship Show with Harvey and Flora, I nearly turned round and came home. The showground was a dreadful bog of mud - Saying that

Harvey was 2nd in the Junior Class, and then Won the Petplan Junior Stakes
Flora won her class, and was 2nd in the Petplan Junior stakes
So a good day really!!

And now for something completely different... 9th September 2008

On Monday 8th September, I travelled down to Kent to stay with friends, Lesley & Keith (Woodspa). After being well fed, and a good nights sleep, the next day I headed off to Paris to visit EuroDisney. Great trip on the Eurostar, which drops you off right outside the park! Had a great time trying out the hair raising rides - and lived to tell the tale!

Here are a couple of photos of the day!

Suffolk Kennel - Open Show - 25th August 2008

A great day at Suffolk kennel Open Show on Monday 25th August.

Flora wins the Junior class, so giving her an other point for her 'JW' - only 2 points to go!!!

Harvey wins the Open class, and BOB - then going onto win the Gundog Group

Bournemouth - 11th August 2008

This time we were off to Bournemouth, it was a cold and grey day, not what you would expect for August. Luckily most of the judging was done outside.

We had a good day: Harvey won both of his classes, and Flora was 2nd in Junior and 3rd in Novice

Polly (Flora's sister) won the Junior class - so it was lovely to have Polly winning and Flora second!

Stella, delighted us, by winning a 4th place in the 'Junior Stakes' Well done to Polly and Stella

Flora wins 2 classes at East of England - 16th July 2008

Flora has a wonderful day at East of England Championship Show, by winning Junior bitch and Novice bitch - she now has 19 point towards her 'Junior Warrant' so just needing 6 more

Click here for photos of the day

Harvey wins his 'Junior Warrant at 11 months!

Harvey gaining his last point needed for his 'Junior Warrant' at Peterborough & District Open Show, on the 13th July 2008

He also has a fantastic day at the show, by - winning BOB and BP, going on to Win the 'Gundog Group' and the 'Puppy Gundog Group'

The grand finale winning 'Best Puppy In Show'

BPIS photos now added