News Jan - June 2017

2017 06 24 - Blackpool Chaos wins CC

Blackpool Championship Show

Saturday 24th June 2017, up at 2.30am to drive to Blackpool Championship Show!

The weather was cold and windy, but it did stay dry all day, so we were able to be judged outside.

Only took Chaos and Flame today.

Chaos won the Open dog class, and then went on to win the DCC in the challenge - thrilled, going onto win 'Best Opposite Sex'

Flame won a 3rd place in Limit bitch

Thank you to our judge, breed specialist Bob Nicholson (Lochindorb)

Birmingham National Championship Show

Friday 5th May 2017, a very early start for me, Chaos and Flame.

Our judge for today was breed specialist Mrs Kay Woodward (Wadeson)

Please that Chaos was 2nd in a strong Open dog class, then called back into the ring to win the RDCC

Thrilled with that

Flame was in Limit bitch, the biggest class of the day, delighted to win a 2nd place

2017 05 05 - Birmingham Chaos RCC


Had some good news regarding 'Wilma' the Welsh Terrier

She has been DNA tested for PLL

Her results have come back - CLEAR

Crufts 2017

2017 Crufts BB RBB BPB 2_edited 2
2017 crufts win

9th March 2017 - Crufts

A rather strange one for me, as showing 'Wilma' the Welsh Terrier for the first time at Crufts

Delighted when she was declared 'Best Puppy Bitch'

returned again on gundog day, just to watch, congratulations to everyone on their wins

Southern ESS Society Championship Show

Today I was off to the Southern ESS Champ Show, which had a lovely entry of 148 dogs, for our breed specialist judge - Mr John Lillie (Freeway)

Chaos was in a super class full of quality dogs. Delighted when he won, and in the challenge taking top spot to win the DCC

Next up was Flame in Limit bitch, a large class, pleased with her 2nd place

During the lunch break, there were the 'specials', for awards gained in 2016. Proud to be able to collect our 'Top Brood Bitch' award for the 3rd time with Meadowdale Gin Sling (mum to Chaos and Riot)

I was also presented with the runner up best critique for 2016

At the end of a very long day, Chaos had to challenge the bitch CC winner. Chaos was awarded 'Reserve Best In Show'

2017 02 25 - Chaos winning DCC & RBIS at Southern
2017 02 25 - BIS RBIS BPIS

Manchester Championship Show

A lovely first show of the year for the springers.

Sunday 22nd January 2017, I take Chaos and Flame to Manchester Championship show, under gundog specialist Becky Johnson (Downstream)

A fabulous day, Chaos was 2nd in a lovely Open Dog class, and goes onto win the RDCC

Flame is in a huge Limit Bitch class, which she wins

2017 01 22 - Chaos at Manchester - RCC
2017 01 22 - flame at manchester