Meadowdale Lucille

2017 11 13 - lucy 5

Health Testing

DNA Clear - PRA

DNA Clear - EIC

DNA Clear - CNM

DNA Clear - SD2

Hip Scored - 6/4=10

Elbow Scored - 1

Eye tested - Clear as at 5.9.2017

This is 'Lucy', our lovely black Labrador Retriever

Her dad is - Field Trial Champion Waterford Harris Of Featherfly, his pet name is 'Max'. He is a superb dog who has won so much in the field trials.

Her mum is our lovely 'Meadowdale Hooded Crow'.

Lucy is a gentle natured bitch, but who is keen to please.

She loves working and retrieving all types of game

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Pedigree of: Meadowdale Lucille