Meadowdale San Jose

2016 09 05 - 10

Health Testing

DNA Clear - PRA

DNA Clear - EIC

DNA Clear - SD2

DNA Clear - CNM

Hip Score - 4-4 = 8

Elbow Score = 0

Eye test clear as at 5.9.2017

This is 'Jose', our lovely yellow Labrador Retriever

Her dad is - Field Trial Champion Levenghyl Malusi. A wonderful dog who has won at the very highest level. Not only being a 'Field Trial Champion' but in 2014 he gained a 'Diploma of Merit' in the 'Championships', and he was also 'TOP dog in scotland'

Her mum is our lovely 'Meadowdale Brook', a wonderful yellow bitch, who is worked regularly on the local shoots. A soft and gentle bitch with a loving nature.

As you would expect 'Jose' is full of beans, but is coming on really well with her gundog training. For her age she is doing some difficult retreives, and working well with Steve.

She has a fun nature, as she loves to play with the other dogs.

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Pedigree of: Meadowdale San Jose

Field Trial Champion Levenghyl Malusi
Meadowdale Brook
Nor Ch Tasco Brimstone
Levenghyl Midge
Ft Ch Mansengreen Diesel Of Birdsgreen
Garrethall Nyoni Of Meadowdale
Ft Ch Lettermore Trout
Ft Ch Stormwatch Spider Of Tasco
Ft Ch Willowyck Ruff
Ft Ch Glenpatrick Eve
Nor Ch Tasco Brimstone
Ft Ch Shortthorn Ninja Of Mansengreen
Ft Ch Blackharn Brewster
Birdbrook Eppie
Ft Ch Carnochway Daniel
Lettermore May
Gillmhor Arrow Of Pocklea
Tasco Yellow Belle Of Stormwatch
Ft Ch Willowyck Henman
Cleeveway Nestle
Ft Ch Garendon Captain
Ft Ch Glenpatrick Halo
Ft Ch Lettermore Trout
Ft Ch Stormwatch Spider Of Tasco
Millbuies Mccoy
Bringwood Becky
Ft Ch Windwood Shot
Ft Ch Lady Fernella Of Blackharn
Ft Ch Birdbrook Greg
Millbuies Merry Maid