Meadowdale Hooded Crow

2015 04 20 - 5

Elsa's health

CNM - Clear by parentage

PRA - Clear by parentage

EIC - DNA tested Clear

SD2 - DNA tested Clear

Hip Score - 3-3 = 6

Elbow Score - 0


Annual eye test -
5.9.2017 - clear

This is Meadowdale Hooded Crow, or better known as Elsa

As you can see she is a black bitch, who has super health test results (see panel to the left)

She is sired by Ft Ch Bynbrig Blackthorn of Highshot, who has done exceptionally well in the Field Trials.

Some of these good qualities have been passed onto Elsa, as she is a keen and eager bitch to please with plenty of drive

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Pedigree of: Meadowdale Hooded Crow

Ft Ch Bynbrig Blackthorn of Highshot
Meadowdale Busy Lizzie