Meadowdale Doris Day

2016 09 05 - 9

Health Testing

DNA Carrier - PRA (Cord1)

DNA Clear - Fuco

DNA Clear - PFK

DNA Clear - AMS

Hip Scored - 5-7 = 12

Annual Eye Test - clear as at 5.9.2017

Glaucoma - Clear

Puppies hoped for in December 2017

This is 'Doris', she is a black & White bitch, her dad is our lovely 'Sh Ch Meadowdale Cassapplie Manhattan JW' and her mother is 'Kingsheath Kaithlyn of Meadowdale JW'

Doris is a very loving and affectionate girl, who loves to be with you, or on you, given the chance!

She loves to play with the other dogs and her ball

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